Article featured in the iX from Heise Verlag in Germany

In signo veritas: Article in a german magazine (iX, Heise Verlag)

This article published in the iX Magazine in Germany (Heise Verlag, iX 7 2018), introduces readers to project development integrating the NEM distributed ledger technology.

PacNEM is a semi-autonomous distributed game using the NEM Blockchain

PacNEM: Pacman meets NEM

This game is a Free & Open Source Node.js Semi-Autonomous Game using the NEM Blockchain. It uses the NEM Blockchain to authenticate Players as well as for Managing Game Sponsors and Mosaics Payouts which are done with multi-signature Accounts.

NEM Software Development Kit

This package aims to provide with an easy-to-use PHP Namespace helping developers to communicate with the NEM blockchain through its NIS API.

Bitcoin Multisignature Recovery Tool

The evias/omni-recovery-tool Package aims to be an easy to use command line interface and API utility Software built around Bitcoin, Colored Coins and the OmniProtocol (Omnilayer) features.

NEM Multisignature cosigner bot

NEM Multisignature and Payment Processor Bots

This is a multi-feature bot written in Node.js for the NEM blockchain. It allows automation of multi-signature processes as well as payment processing with NEM accounts and transactions.

Tutorial on the NEM Blog

Developing Games with the NEM Blockchain: Tutorial 

The following article in a more in-depth article about the development process and technical aspects of PacNEM.

It was featured on the NEM Blog and published as well on Medium and