NEM: The smart asset Blockchain.

NEM Foundation / NEM Europe 

One of our most important partners for which we are producing code reviews, prototype material, core software developments and consulting.

Tomorrow. Today.

DIM / DIM foundation

Producing code reviews and consulting in the field of distributed ledger technology, our team of experts has been working with DIM since it’s inception.

LemonBlockchain Ltd. 

LemonBlockchain Ltd.

Working as an author and speaker for LemonBlockchain, our company has produced educative content in the field of distributed ledger technology.

Crypto, Payments & IT.

CPI Technologies GmbH

Our team of experts assisted during the creation process of CPI Technologies and is still actively involved in code quality reviews regarding their produced software.

iX 7/2018: “In Signo Veritas” by Grégory Saive.

Heise Medien : iX Magazine

Constantly improving our writing skills, one of our articles was featured in the iX 7/2018 (Heise Medien GmbH & Co. KG).