Bitcoin for beginners (group session)


Bitcoin for beginners (group session)

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Learn more about Bitcoin and how to use it during a LIVE group video conference with our expert (2-6 people).


Have you always wanted to understand what BITCOIN is and how to use it?

Are you interested in the technology of the future and would like to know how to work with it?

Do you have a computer / smartphone with a camera in order to participate in a live video introduction session (60 min) with our Bitcoin expert?

We have been offering Bitcoin initiation courses for almost a year now. With the increase on demand, we would like to allow everyone to be able to participate with their smartphone / computer!

Different from Youtube videos, our courses are customized and allow you to interact directly with our speaker.

Through a LIVE video conference (2-6 people), you will have the opportunity to ask your questions directly to our expert, during the session!

The price (55€) is per person.


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