Bitcoin for beginners

Bitcoin for beginners


Learn more about Bitcoin and how to use it during a private LIVE video session with our expert.

Our sessions are customized and allow you to interact with the speaker during the session.


Do you want to learn about BITCOIN and how to use it?

During our live video session (1 hour), we will explain what Bitcoin is, where it comes from and how you can use it.

We have been offering Bitcoin initiation courses for almost one year now. With the increase on demand, we would like to allow everyone to be able to participate.

We want to put the importance of this course being for groups of a maximum of 5 people. We will get in touch with you before the course to know your expectations and prepare a customized session for you.

In this way the results are much more efficient.

Different from Youtube videos, our sessions allow you to interact directly with the speaker and ask questions.

You only need a computer or a smartphone in order to participate.

Email us @ [email protected] to make your appointment or to get more information about our online courses.



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