Beyond software solutions

We don't stop at building software. We offer a range of services to help projects in the domain of software development to thrive forward. We put our focus on qualitative and innovative development skills! #Software #Business #Solutions #Architects

What We Offer

Software & Solutions Architecture, Author & Speaker in the field of Distributed Ledger Technology

Software Solutions

Our expertise ranges from building distributed ledger technology to authoring integration, functional and technical specifications.

Our team is made of expert software developers with years of experience in the software branch.

Distributed Ledger

Our mission is to lessen the gap between businesses and distributed ledger technology with high quality software.

Our experts will help you manage and build projects with NEM, EOS, Hyperledger or Bitcoin.

Article Writing

Our aim is to provide with professional insights about development of projects using distributed ledger technology.

We are constantly working on producing new innovative and creative content.

Our Portfolio

Open source software is what defines us. Feel free to browse through our past projects.

What People Say

You have to think of the blockchain as a new utility. It is a new utility network for moving value, moving assets.


There's all these proofs that go on of identity, of records, and they're quite non-digital. The blockchain innovation really allows us to take everything where there's record keeping, everything where there's trust around record keeping, and it allows us to make that digital, immutable, permanent, and global.

Jeremy Allaire - CEO of Circle