Who is who

👋 I am Grégory Saive, and I live in Spain; I am a software artisan whom stepped into software in 2002. I have a great deal of professional experience to offer with regards to software development and for every step of the lifecycle of your software project!

🧐 I have previously acted as a Head of Development for NEM Foundation, as a Blockchain Lead in Web3 for dHealth Foundation and as a CTO for UBC Digital Magazine. All the while, continuing to grow my technology skills. My latest research includes:

✅ Deployment of next-generation blockchain networks (dual blockchain migrations) ;
✅ Distributed and modular patient identity using BIP32 algorithm and key derivation ;
✅ Distributed rewarding mechanism for e-fitness platforms including Strava ;
✅ Wallet-, Explorer-, Monitoring software and software development kits for blockchain networks;
✅ Deployment of smart contracts and smart contract audit.
✅ Generative AI software (NLG) for kids using our software (SaaS) in schools ;
✅ Expert SaaS software developer with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Why would you sponsor me?

Most of my work is published (released) in the public domain using open-source software licenses such as: Apache-2.0, MIT, LGPL-3.0 and BSD-3.0. In fact, most of my work is made public even before it can be used commercially! You will help me run my operations.

My team is composed of Bitcoin and blockchain pioneers that focus most of their time on open source projects and open standards, we do this because we believe that open source is a beautiful way to collaborate. Reach out to us to find out more about our team!

By sponsoring us, you will make sure to keep informed about our contributions in the blockchain industry and about our latest authoring activities. You will also get private access to drafts of our latest authoring activities and development plans.

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Our work

As a team at Using Blockchain Ltd, we have contributed to the many open standard definitions published by @eVias over the past years, including but not limited to NIP13 for defining Security Tokens and NFTs with Symbol from NEM, NIP6 for using Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets with Symbol from NEM and NIP16 which focusses on providing a smooth Components experience when working with Symbol from NEM and compatible networks like dHealth Network.

Note that the above open standards have all been *used* in production with dHealth Network from 2021 to 2023. We put our focus on qualitative and innovative development skills and our headline is that **open source is a beautiful way to collaborate**. Many of our software packages are available at Github. That is because we believe in an open access to innovation.

Our latest products and editorial works include:
Client Product + Link Excerpt
UBC Digital re:Chain Newsletter Our blockchain ideas dump and newsletter for passionate insights in the blockchain industry. (2023-present)
UBC Digital UBC Digital Magazine Our very own media outlet where you’ll find informative blockchain content. (2021-present)
Dings Dings: Life is a game! Dings is a social platform that turns your daily routine into a constant game! (2021-present)
UBC Digital YourDLT YourDLT is a software suite to facilitate the deployment of blockchain networks. (2021-present)
UBC Digital The return of the Ninjas (eBook) An e-book describing the lifecycle of next-generation blockchain networks. (2021)
UBC Digital BlockSnippets A snippets library (for developers) with useful blockchain integration examples. (2021)
UBC Digital ChainTs A simplistic blockchain (and P2P network) showcase for developers starting with blockchain. (2021)
UBC Digital Swapable A Typescript library that maps the UniSwap feature set to YourDLT compatible blockchain networks. (2021)
UBC Digital Governable A Typescript framework to create DAOs using YourDLT compatible blockchain networks. (2021)
dHealth Foundation dHealth Network A public blockchain infrastructure for Healthcare. Open source blockchain network. (2021-2023)
dHealth Foundation dHealth Wallet A desktop wallet (native) to connect to YourDLT-compatible networks including dHealth Network. (2021-2023)
dHealth Foundation dHealth Explorer A blockchain explorer (web-app) to monitor and read YourDLT-compatible networks including dHealth Network. (2021-2023)
dHealth Foundation dHealth ERC20 Bridge An open-source dHealth Wallet plugin to perform cross-network swaps with Ethereum ERC20 tokens. (2022)
dHealth Foundation dHealth Health2Earn An open-source blockchain dapp powered by Strava with a distributed rewarding mechanism for e-fitness activities. (2022)
NEM Foundation Symbol HD Wallets A Typescript library to create hierarchical deterministic wallets with Symbol from NEM. (2019)
NEM Foundation Symbol QR Library A Typescript library to create QR-Codes for smart contracts with Symbol from NEM. (2019)
NEM Foundation Symbol QR Library A Typescript library to create QR-Codes for smart contracts with Symbol from NEM. (2019)
NEM Foundation Dual blockchain migration A C++ fork of Catapult to enable dual-blockchain network initialization. (2020)
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All sponsors from the $5/month level and up will get access to monthly exclusive content, which you can digitally download and view as I post. At least once per month, you will receive one of the following:

- A draft chapter of one of our forthcoming blockchain use cases; or
- A draft chapter of one of our forthcoming printed articles; or
- A draft version of a new research document, or a trunked research I'm actively revising; or
- One or more draft chapter(s) of one of our forthcoming open standards; or
- A draft implementation or showcase of one of our forthcoming blockchain integrations.