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UBC Digital Magazine produces high-quality free educational content relating to blockchain and distributed ledger technology including: sample use cases, tutorials, articles, showcases, reviews and outboxing experiences making use of emerging technologies like blockchain and/or others.

We focus on high-quality and innovative software development skills to produce smart use cases, tutorials and showcases of using blockchain technology. Our articles vary in scope and go from using blockchain for transacting value online, via redefining supply chain processes using a blockchain environment, over to using blockchain to execute cross chain atomic swaps [insert more tech words].

UBC Digital Magazine offers many features to make it funny reading, using and inspecting blockchain technology. By introducing gamification algorithms and rewards/incentives for our subscribers, we aim to give every reader a little of what blockchain can be.

We started this project in the optic of changing how end-users think about reading online – but also because we want to give our end-users, the tools they need to curate their newsfeed and unlock more valuable content.


UBC Digital Magazine is available from any device with a Browser (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc.)

  1. Open your Browser and navigate to the following URL: https://ubc.digital.

  2. Login to your account and install UBC Digital Magazine on your device when prompted.

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