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dHealth ERC20 Bridge is a distributed bridge for ERC20 Tokens with dHealth Network Mosaics. This software defines a Unidirectional Bridge for ERC20-DHP (Ethereum) to native DHP (dHealth).

This plugin empowers the swap of tokens that are issued using different blockchain networks (e.g. from Ethereum to dHealth, or vice-versa).


dHealth ERC20 Bridge is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and as a web application inside dHealth Wallet and YourDLT Wallet.

  1. Download YourDLT Wallet from the releases section.

  2. Launch the executable file and follow the installation instructions.

  3. Create a profile. Remember to save the mnemonic somewhere safe (offline).

  4. Log-In to your profile using the correct password.

  5. Browse over to the Plugins sections and activate dHealth ERC20 Bridge.

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