OMNI Recovery Tool

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The evias/omni-recovery-tool Package aims to be an easy to use command line interface and API utility Software built around Bitcoin, Colored Coins (OMNI / Tether USDT), NEM and dHealth Network blockchain features.

Usage Examples

# Get list of available commands
$ php application list

# Get Simple HD Address from BIP32 Extended Public Key
$ php application wallet:hd-from-xpub --xpub="xpub123456"

# Get BIP44 Addresses, Public Keys and Private Keys
$ php application wallet:derive --mnemonic="abandon abandon abandon" --path="m/44'/0'/0'/0"

# Parse a OP_RETURN colored coin hexadecimal payload (Omnilayer or any other OP_RETURN content)
$ php application script:op-return --asm="OP_RETURN 6f6d6e69000000000000001f000000002faf0800 OP_EQUAL"
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