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This framework aims to make it easier to access dHealth Network features and to develop dApps with dHealth Network. This software package includes multiple libraries and runtimes that can be configured separately and that can be extended and modified freely.

This software lets you connect to dHealth Public Network - as well as test networks for dHealth.


This framework implementation features several application scopes that are separately implemented and that can be enabled/disabled by configuration.

Following scopes are defined with their respective description:

Scope Documentation Description
common AppModule Contains source code that is shared amongst all dApps.
discovery DiscoveryModule Contains source code for the discovery of entities on dHealth Network, e.g. Transactions, Accounts, Blocks, etc.
notifier NotifierModule Contains source code to enable maintenance notifications that are sent out per email to the team in the case of errors or warnings.
payout PayoutModule Contains source code for the payout of tokens on dHealth Network. Payouts can be configured to work with any mosaic on dHealth Network.
processor ProcessorModule Contains source code for the processor of entities on dHealth Network. The implementation stores operations after reading transactions.
statistics StatisticsModule Contains source code for the aggregate of data related to a dApp.

CAUTION: The above feature scopes may be modified in the near- to mid-future, as we are discovering more use for some of the listed feature scopes.

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